Orange rover overview

As hoped, i have prepared this demo for how accomplished the building techniques rapped inside this small vehicle. 

First i will show you about the accomplishment of 7even studs wide main body, 6 studs wide hood and 8 studs wide rear! this was tricky to do and to as well as building the model sturdy.

 Of course, the element used a lot in this model was the "1x2 plate w/single stud" element.

rear body dismantled:

without the chairs locking the rear section in, the truck would fall apart!

 the suspension system in the front was simple. a rubber band on each side pulled on the axle keeping it level. the axle had a pivot point though so it could rock like a se-saw. the rubber bands created the resistance. 

For the rear, the suspension was quite different. 

How the steering wheel was attached.